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Experiences not to miss while in Thailand

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Thailand is a welcoming and relaxed country to visit with a lot of things to do.

Thiland is a very ordered culture, though the electricity and telephone wires on telegraph poles in some area may imply otherwise. Every resort has a rich variety of restaurants catering to all budgets and tastes. However, it has always struck me that wherever I eat the Thai’s attention to detail when it comes to food can often equal the French. Perhaps, the close connection between these two countries in the past is no coincidence. The majority of Thai’s that I have met in one situation or another have been friendly, open and helpful. They are a happy people and even when things do not appear to be going their way they somehow smile their way through.
In terms of culture, however, one should not make generalisations about the Thai people. There are many different ethnic groups and peoples that make up the country. From north to south, it should not be forgotten, is a similar distance that London is from Gibraltar. It has a diverse range of natural landscapes, as this huge distance crosses latitudinal climatic zones.

This means that whatever time of year one visits the country, there will always be absorbing things to see or do in Thailand.

Here is a list of things not to miss and to do while visiting Thailand.

Enjoying the incredible Wildlife of Thailand

Turtle snorkelling

Simply, walking among the majestic splendour of huge Kapok trees in the tropical forests with the hum of wildlife all around is unforgettable. Snorkelling or diving on coral reefs teeming with myriads of fish and crustaceans, one’s senses can be overwhelmed by the multicoloured kaleidoscopic experience. In many locations, hard rock platforms have led to the formation of impressive waterfalls, most spectacular in the rainy season. The plunge pool at the foot of each are often incredible places to take a dip.

Sports and Outdoor Activities

kayaking thailand

If wildlife is not your main interest numerous sporting activities are available. Apart from golf, which has become a very popular pastime in Thailand, meaning courses are plentiful, watersports are a common feature of all resorts. It is a perfect place to learn to kite surf or sail as the winds can be gentle and the water warm and clear. This does change in the monsoon when wind strengths increase, though the water remains just as warm.

Kayaking can also offer a peaceful method, by which to discover the small islands and the dramatic karst formations around Phuket and Krabi. Marinas also cater to those wishing to take to the water in more style, through yacht charters.

Enjoying a Thai Massage

Thailand Massage

And, when you return after an active day, what better way to heal those stiff muscles than a Thai massage. This is another area of innovation where traditional Thai techniques and successfully been combined with a more western essential oil approach.

Finding a masseuse is not difficult anywhere in Thailand, but it is worth paying more in a resort to ensure a higher quality of treatment and more privacy.

Experiencing the spectacular Thai Cuisine

Thailand food

One of the most rewarding experiences is to take a Thai cookery course. If there is one available that involves a visit to the local market to buy local ingredients beforehand, so much the better. It is not uncommon to be surprised at the superb flavours one can create.

Centuries of history and Cultural Heritage

Thailand temple

Of course, one aspect of Thailand that must be mentioned is the the temples. These range from small intricate wooden affairs with delicately painted decorations to large marble statues of Buddha surrounded by all kinds of colourful pictures depicting various scenes in his life. Close by, there may also be a large golden stupa.

These can be busy places, but are more atmospheric because of that. They can give a clear glance in the importance of Buddhism in the lives of the local people.

In Thailand, one is never short of something to do, though spending some quiet time back at the pool or on the beach is all the more enjoyable when one has previously been out exploring and enjoying the best of what this mystical and marvellous country has to offer.

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