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    private castle for rent in Brittany
    Countryside Castle 3 | Brittany | 4 Bdr

    Morbihan Department, Brittany France

    From $2,270 /week

    A luxury private Chateau for Rent in Brittany Sleeps: Up to 10 (3 doubles + 4 single beds). PRICES From £1,774/night CLOSEST BEACH 40...

    • Bedrooms4
    • Bathrooms4
    • PetsPets allowed
    • ParkingFree parking within premises
    • Guests13
    • Min Stay3-7 nights (depending on season)
    • TypeCastle
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    Private Chateau 2 | Brittany | 5 Bdr

    Rennes, Brittany France

    From $2,300 /week

    A luxury private Château for Rent near Rennes, Brittany Sleeps: Up to 11 adults and 2 children (3 doubles + 2 suites). PRICES From...

    • Bedrooms5
    • Bathrooms7
    • PetsOutside only. A dog lives on site with the gatekeeper.
    • ParkingFree parking on premises
    • Guests11 adults + 2 children
    • Min Stay2 nights
    • TypeCastle

Rent a Villa in French Riviera | Côte d’azur

Where to go, what to do and Villas to rent in French Riviera | Côte d’azur.

Villas to rent French Riviera Côte d Azur things to doThe French Riviera, otherwise known as Côte d’azur, is famous for its beaches. When Europe hits the beach, it often does in the south coast of France, French Riviera is the Mediterranean coastline of the southeast corner of France. There seems no real limits to define the boarders, usually it is from Cassis or Toulon on the west to the France to the Italian Riviera (Italian border in the east). Rent a villa in French Riviera | Cote D’Azur explore the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of France. 

France – Things to do and see in your villa Holidays in Nice

Nice is an enjoyable big-city highlight of the French Riviera holidays.Nice things to do and Villas for rent Nice maybe not for everyone, it doesn’t matter if you are “well to do” or not, with its ever pleasurable seafront esplanade and fine museums. Nice has two airports, Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, France’s third-busiest airport (after Charles de Gaulle Airport and Orly Airport) and airport at Mandelieu was once the region’s main airport is now mostly used by private and business aircraft. In the traffic free old city of Nice French and Italian flavours blend in well to create a spicy Mediterranean dressing. Nice can be “nice” and hot, but in the peak of summer here (July and august) it’s packed with tourist. Rent a villa in French Riviera | Cote D’Azur in early June or from September you can beat the serious heat and crowd and expect a much personalised service. The Beach here even though it’s stony, is pretty famous, whether you look for an adrenaline rush or working at your suntan, the beach has everything you want. Remember much of the beach is public, though there are many private beaches too, so you might have to pay to rent a spot where they provide you with a lounge chair and umbrella with a mattress.

Nice-french riviera Private Beaches

The Broad promenade of anglais, it means the “the walk way of the English” was cemented in marble for blue blooded 19th century English tourist, who fancied a safe area to stroll and enjoy the view without getting their shoes dirty. Today, it’s Fun people sight with a bike and roller blade track that leads all the way to the airport, imagine that?!

For a picturesque lunch, eat on the beach, a good Mediterranean lunch like Salad Nicoise, the hearty Local standard with Anchovies, Tuna, hard-boiled egg and tasty little Nicoise olives.

See the elegant building from the turn of the previous century lead in from the beach, reminders of the “Belle Epoque” meaning beautiful age, when the world seems to revolve around the elite. Nice’s Grand opera house illustrates the beautiful luxury of this period. Europe’s high society wintering here, the run down, low key town needed much high-class entertainment.  

Many of Nice’s early visitors were Russians from Moscow, and the Russian Orthodox Church claims to be the finest this side of the Volga. 500 rich Russian families spent their winter in Nice, needed a house to worship. Nicholas II (1868-1918) offered this to the Russian community in 1912. A few years later Russian Comrades, who didn’t winter in the French Riviera, shot and killed him.  In this land of anchovies and onions, The Churches proud Onion dome seem out of place, but can imagine so did those Russians.

Nice, was born on its easy to fortify hill, from there and inland from the beach, spreads its colourful old town. You may notice the old town squares feel more Italian, that’s because until 1860, Nice was ruled by an Italian king. Until mid-1800’s the people here spoke an Italian dialect. You will still notice street languages are in two languages and pasta is still a favourite. As the formation of modern Italy, nice had to choose, join the messy new country of Italy, or join wealthy France, which was enjoying prosperity under Napoleon the third.  The vast majority voted to go French.

Socha Food- Nice France MarketsPay a visit to the medieval market square where fresh seasonal productions arrive, visit a pasta shop which shows still nice’s Italian roots or nearby patisserie Auer, Queen Victoria satisfied her sweet tooth here. Socca, a thin chich pea crepe seasoned with olive oil and pepper, is a peasant’s staple, going before tourism that still so close to heart of the locals.

Nice France Flower market

The French Riviera’s largest flower markets are here, in this expensive city flowers are priced reasonably. With so many varieties of flowers, you would have guessed that perfume is thriving industry, rightly so. Well if you want to buy a real centaury old perfume, then you must know the Molinard family has been in the industry for nearly a century. Using Cote d’Azur flowers, perfume is distilled like cognac, and aged like wine.   It takes more than 400 pounds of lavender to produce just one quart of pure essence. For the French finding the perfect perfume is personal quest.

Museums in Nice

Matisse museum Nice FranceMany 20th century artist used to live here, The French Riviera is scattered with many top class  modern art museums, Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso, Henry Matisse are a few to name. They were inspired by the simple lifestyle of villagers and fisherman’s and raved by the regions light and vivid colours. Most work was on semi abstract work and reflected the sleepy and dreamy French Riviera (that’s before all the major development hit).  Imagine settling in the sun and painting with wide wondering eyes. Matisse Museum – Modern art inspired by French Riviera, with bright colours of the impressionist, captured the radiant Riviera of 1920’s and rounded women. He was the master of allowing us to fill in the rest.

Chagall Museum

The 1950’s Chagall museum is around the corner, Marc Chagall painted a circle of canvasses for this building, even for those who sceptical about modern art, this museum with the largest collection of Chagall’s work in captivity is delight. He painted a world hidden to the eye, it is magical and mystical and below the surface.

What’s on in Villefranche sur mer?

Villefranche-sur-Mer Things to see and doVillefranche, cosy port of Villefranche in spite of luxury yachts shining in its bay, offers villa holidaymakers a relaxed slice of small-town Mediterranean life, just minutes from the hubbub of Nice and Jet-setty Monaco, is great place for a tranquil villa holiday in South of France. Rent a villa in the French Riviera | Cote d’Azur and experience the french Mediterranean lifestyle of this region.

The town feels Italian with its light orange buildings and pastel harbour. The original port was overtaken by pirates, residents escaped to the hills, later in the 13th century the king wanted to re-populate and fortify the coastlines, therefore encourage the villagers to come live on tax-free status. So, this place became “ville”, town, “Franche”, without taxes Villefranche. Only a few families live here, But Big yachts call this their home. It is a coast dotted with floating toys of multi-millionaires, maybe you would like to rent a villa in French Riviera | Cote D’Azur and feel home?! Locals seem to be keeping an eye the biggest yachts and talk about it like its part of the region. Sometimes you will be catching the stern line of the ECLIPSE (owned by Roman Abramovich).  Most expensive Villas and real estate’s stretch from here all the way to Monaco.

Things to do in Cap Ferret 

The French oyster capital of Cap Ferret is an extremely private, mainly residential community, fills a park-like peninsula (you will never get passed any of these gates). It also a chic beach holiday destination in France. You are most welcome to take a delightful stroll here. Following its well-groomed path, you can stumble around a hidden little beach, get a view of David Nivens home (A British actor, memoirist and novelist), wander the Ritzy port, of Jean-Cap-Ferrat and tour the Ultimate French Riviera mansion and Gardens: The Rothschild Ephrussi villa. The extravagance of Venice, Versailles and the Cote d’azur all comes together in this villa. The lavish belle époque interior offers a glimpse into the life of the rich and eccentric Baroness the Rothschild. Building this palace Baroness went through 10 architects,   Lady Rothschild sense of style dripped into a backyard, with many types of kinds, English rose garden, Japanese garden, Exotic growth of Cactus, Gothic stone garden and above all the Temple of Love. 

French Riviera Villas beaches in NiceBeach-side and beaches to explore in Cap Ferret, Public beaches; Cros dei Pin, Plage Fossettes and Plages Fosses.

Cros dei Pin 

The sandy 150 m long sandy beach Cros dei Pin is Located on the Cap Ferrat peninsula – next to the port. Unless you are skipping the hot summers, where it gets busy and you will need to arrive early, if you are looking for a beach spot with a nearby parking this is an ideal large area to relax, This is a family-friendly beach, during the summer it is supervised and has anti-jellyfish nets. The beach has good facilities for Children’s games, also a nearby nautical center is great for bored teenagers on the beach – that is if they do. With plenty of eat outs around, its great easy going base for those who stays in Villas inland to come down and relax on the beach.

Plage Fossettes and Plages Fosses and are next-door beaches that are between the easiest to access in Cap Ferrat. Both are excellent beaches for snorkelling. Ideal for families to visit. Both are just a short walk away from the Port of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat. Unlike many beaches in the Riviera Fossettes is a public beach. While both beaches are lacking with beach facilities such food and drinks, its advisable for you to grab your food and drinks from the many cafés and restaurants, then walk from the port of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat.

The private beaches of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

Private Beaches French Riviera Cote-dAzur Villefranche-surIf you looking for more a private beach in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, then there some options: Paloma Beach , extremely popular in summer waiting to greet its visitors with restaurants, sunbeds, umbrellas, jet skis, paddle boards, wakeboards, or even allows you to feast from the comfort of your deck chair. Is that not enough? Then simply anchor your luxury toy, allow the restaurants owners to tender you to shore on their boats.

The Passable Beach

Passable beach is another private and public beach located in the harbour of Villefranche, just northwest of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.  It offers excellent views of Villefranche sur mer. The public side of the beach is on the right and private beach is on the left. The private part of the beach offers sunbeds, chairs and parasols. The Passable Beach does have beach restaurants, try the delicious Italian cuisines here or just lie on a lounger in the shade of the trees and enjoy your preferred drinks.

Enjoy some water sports here, such as kayaking, Jet Skiing, water skiing, paddling, towed buoy … or go for some walks

What to discover walking in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

You are most welcome to take a delightful strolls here. Following its well-groomed path, you can discover a hidden little beach, get a view of David Nivens home, and meander the Ritzy port, of Jean-Cap-Ferrat and tour the mansion and Gardens: The Rothschild Ephrussi villa.

For some walking trails try the Pointe de Saint-Hospice loop, make sure not to miss the Chapel of Saint-Hospice Madone and the Belgian Cemetery, sites offer great views to the sea, and head down to the Paloma beach.

A quick family walk – Promenade Maurice Rouvier

If you want an easy walk with the older folks or toddlers then this should be a good fit. A short and easy path about half an hour (30 mins) to Beaulieu-sur-Mer along the promenade Maurice Rouvier in the upper right. This easy walk with no stairs gives extensive views across the bay all the way to Cap d’Ail and Villa Kérylos.

Tour du Cap Ferrat (Chemin des Douaniers )

Here a good long walk to discover the picturesque background of Cap Ferrat. Starting from the port it can take you around the cap ferrat, allowing you to pass the grand hotel and go around the lighthouse and go passing some beaches, (if bad weather, avoid this walk – high winds and waves can cause only harm) to wind up at the beaches. This could be an exhilarating walk of fund and adventure of nearly 2 hours. So best for the fit!

The Trophy of Augustus (le Trophée des Alpes)

On the Grand corniche, sits a towering roman ruin – “The trophy of the alps”, which celebrates the Emperor Augustus’s decisive victory over the tribes who populated the Alps.

Make yourself feel home by staying in one of our Private villas in Villefranche-sur-Mer


Eze Village France things to doStanding high above the sea, magnificent Èze. Once formidable town gate designed to keep the pirates out leads into the medieval village. This self-proclaimed art and gastronomy mixes, perfume outlets, chic boutique, cobbled paths leads to panoramic views up for a refreshing drink. If you are more active climb further up to the scant ruins of the Èze chateau. Arrive up greeted by cacti plants of nearly hundred varieties, and then enjoy the commanding Riviera views. Stay near Villas near Èze  and discover this stunning areas.


Monaco Villas Yachts Rich life style Monte Carlo Monaco sits just below Èze about 8.5 km’s, 15 mins drive, with hardly about 1 square mile of territory, it is one of the smallest country in the world. With around 10,000 locals (Monegasques natively Munegascu) the other 20,000 call it their home because there’s no income tax here. Despite the high rising condos, tourist and the crowds a visit here is a must. Many cruise ships docks, and cars still race, as they have since 1929, around the principality in one of the world’s famous car races, The Grand Prix of Monaco.

A tiny humble Monaco unexpectedly came on the map, when the prince built a casino managed to connect his domain to rest of the Riviera with train line and a new road.  It became the place for the rich and famous to play, people of Monaco have the highest per capita income with exquisite apartments to go with it. Famous casino allows the wealthy to lose money gambling in extreme style and comfort. While Monaco is tax free country, the prince still collects lots of taxes through real estates, VAT and cooperate taxes.

For a Complete Monaco experience stay in style in your Private luxury villa in the French Riviera, then start with a visit to the medieval castle, where Monaco’s Palace is today. The guards provide 24/7 security to the ruling Grimaldi family today, Best time to visit is around 11:55 AM, when the changing of the guards ceremony takes place. It’s can be quite interesting and a bit of local spectacle. You will notice in the palace square a dark statue, the statue of François Grimaldi, a run-away Italian who captured Monaco as disguised Monk 1297. The first rule of Monaco established the dynasty that still rules this territory. After 700 years the current ruling prince is a direct descendent. Monaco’s Cathedral holds the tombs of centuries of Grimaldis, the most visited one is the princess of grace. The marriage of American actress Grace Kelly to Prince Rainier, added to magical mystique. Grace Kelly visited Monaco in 1950 to star in a movie, fell in love with the prince, married him and lived in Monaco, until sadly she died in a car crash in 1982. While traffic is exasperating and parking is costly, it is best to explore the Riviera by train. You can connect well with the train to Cannes.


Cannes Beaches and things to do Villas Film FestivalFamed for international film festivals, Cannes has been hosting film festival annually since 1946, it is packed with film producers, famous actors, celebrities and paparazzi. With select high-end hotels with mostly private stretches of sandy beach, it is a place for strolling and fantasising of meeting a movie star and relaxing on the seafront.  There may be not actual sights to tour, if you missed the film festival there so little to do in Cannes, maybe some shopping and again back to the beach. While there is a Public beach most beaches come with a fee. Real Cannes experience seems to be able to sunbathe without masses taking hold of your space.Stay in style in your Private luxury villa in near Cannes.


Nestled between Nice and Cannes, Antibes has a down-to-earth ambience rare for this area. Its old-town charms are wrapped in a rampart and watched over by twin medieval towers.By the First World War, Antibes had been connected by rail with Nice and almost all of its Ramparts had been destroyed. The French king made sure the ramparts were strong and well-protected. Nowadays, the fort keeps a priceless collection of Picassos. This resort town became a well-known place after the 1st world war.

Pablo-Picasso in antibesSpanish expatriate Pablo Picasso (1881 to 1973) arrived to Antibes in 1946, the 65-year-old Pablo Picasso was renewed. After World War II, Picasso escaped the Nazi-occupied Paris. Here everything changed which led which actually led him to move to Antibes. The artist Françoise Gilot just 21, when she first met Picasso in 1943, ultimately left her family and moved in with him. Françoise Gilot was also his subject, notably portrayed in his 1946 painting “La Femme-Fleur” inspired by a visit to Henri Matisse’s home. Picasso lived and worked here, He painted insanely, enjoyed his morning swims in the Mediterranean, drank and danced with friends in the evening, and painted again until dawn. He created a new work almost every night – 20 plus paintings and 40 plus drawings in all. One could say, Picasso has found his paradise, the newfound freedom of a newly liberated France and a free-thinking Picasso. He rediscovered the joys of village life.  He would visit the Antibes market, return home and turn groceries into work of art. Picasso found the simple life of fishermen to be fascinating, he painted pagan heaven.)